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  Code Wars

Probably a lot of people have heard about/tried Robot Warfare. For those who don't know it, you have a very simple virtual Robot on a square grid. It has limited sight (in a straight line), a gun, and thats about it. You then write a small program you write that controls it, and you pitch your robots against each other.

Basically, Code wars is pretty much the same, except its written in Java, with the source available. The robots are controlled via a very simple Virtual Machine. At the moment there are 30 instructions, all of which are straighforward. Stuff like Add, Subtract and Move data.

The idea of this site is to start up a robot warfare competition... Hopefully I'll make the site so people can enter their own bots, and pitch them against each other direct from the website. If you're interested contact me and I'll put some more effort into the site

I coded the actual program yesterday and today, so its a bit scruffy (esp. by 3am today - I tried to comment quite a bit tho')... Since the source is available, it'd be great if people could help bugfix, tidy up code, make editors, and maybe make the view of whats going on a bit nicer and faster.

If you want to mail me Robots, Bugfixes, etc. my mail address is
See two sample bots fight...
See the code for the sample bot better
See the code for the sample bot enemy

View the Game Rules and Stuff
Download the Java Source and Program

All the Java stuff is up here. Just click the link to see two little bots trying to kill each other...

Created by and Copyright (c) Gordon Williams 2003