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RabidHaMsTeR.Org is maintained by Gordon Williams. It doubles as an online CV, homepage for the R series visualisation plugins, and personal site too.

  About Me (Gordon Williams)
I'm 30, and am currently working as a contract software engineer and developing my own products as Pur3 Ltd, my company. I completed a Computer Science degree at Cambridge University (Downing College). Spare time is usually spent making something, be it software, electronic, mechanical, or a car.

I program mainly in C(++), Java, and PHP now - I still use other languages if they are needed, ranging from Basic to assembler. My main area of interest lies in 3D graphics, which started with DOS 320x200 mode and has worked its way to OpenGL. I sell a visual effects plug-in for the WinAmp music player (and more recently a standalone version), and have been doing various programming jobs for the last few years. I'm always open to doing projects for people - if you're interested, contact me.

  Work done over the last few years...
See my online CV for a more detailed list...

Most recently I have been putting a lot of work into the Morphyre Music Visualizer.
My R2 series of plugins have been downloaded by around 2 million people so far. They've been used at events such as Southport, the Millenium Dome new years party, somewhere quite big in Holland, and a strip bar in Canada. R4 is a standalone visuals application - It is still gaining in popularity, and has been published in PCFormat magazine.

To see some of my other personal projects, have a look at the rest of this site.

  Contact info
E-mail : gw@pur3.co.uk

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