1.25 : Moved initialisation of script engine earlier to allow it to be used in init()
       Added option to VidPlay to allow videos not to be unloaded when they're finished

1.24 : Added option to not write to the settings file
       Made 'GL module resize its int array by a larger chunk at a time
       Added variable size biotunnel mesh
       Disabled GL_NORMALIZE after metaballs (NVidia 'GL crash on exit fix attempt)

1.23 : Fixed so we don't always render to texture first (should never have happened)
       Added prerender texture menu option
       Fixed video size for VIDPLAY and allowed input + format selection
       ++ Fixed a stupid bug introduced in VIDPLAY (but 1.23 was previously released)
       ++++ Settings down dumped alphabetically
       ++++ VIDPLAY will now play the same video in multiple scenes at the same time
       ++++++ Loading of >10 different videos now permitted
       ++++++ Fixed a few odd null pointer issues

1.22 : Fixed VidPlay module so more than one video can be loaded at a time, also added reload
       Added Flash player module
       Added user/backspace_to_escape used preference (for windows MCE remotes on menus)
       Added back buttons to Scene/Overlay prefs

1.21 : Added mouseX and mouseY to R4 predefine stuff
       Fixed strcat and strncat
       Added hires rendering
       Added Ability to take high res screenshots with largescreenshot (+ PBUFFERS enabled)
       Added "vidplay/res" that can be 'default', 'biggest'. or '#width,#height'
       Added another company logo

1.20 : Fixed bad Alpha clearing bug

1.19 : Made renderable textures contain Alpha channel
       Made 'Animate' copy the alpha channel
       Added 'A' shader to enable alpha channel writing
       Asses FrameSleepTime to stop R4 hugging the system
       Fractal Scene

1.17 : Actually put the scenes in the first release this time!
       Fixed 'GL model loader

1.16 : Changed numpad name as numpad doesn't work!
       New VIDPLAY!

1.15 : Added VidPlay to the distro
       Added OpenGL Model stuff
       Now don't write log by default
       Added support for OtsDJ song naming

1.14 : Added company logo
       Added user/disablemenu
       Moved OpenGL window class about to make it more multiplatform
       Fixed '-' sign in Consts

1.13 : Added Effed's name to the Credits
       Added window\setfocus option

1.12 : Added VSync option (On default)
       Added proper Multimon + All Monitors option
       Added >=Win98 check - Multimon is a pain otherwise 
       Removed Framerate cap by default
       Fixed crash on second toggle to fullscreen when clicked bug.

1.11 : MultiMon Support - requires hard-coding screen coordinates atm. This is harder for the user, but more flexible.

1.10c : fixed vidcap issues (vidcap binary = wrong version)

1.10b :	Included Rovastar's skull image

1.10 :
	Changed R4 plugin module interface (added renderend) now v1001
	Simplified sound detection to R2e-like version + added user vars for it
	Fixed helper text in the Overlay menu
	Added Sound Options Tweaking Menu

1.09 :
	Fixed uninstaller
	Made The Cool Song Display even Cooler.
	Added enveloping to the FFT (better beat detection)

1.08 :
	Fixed buttons on web winamp control
	increased default buffer res
	Added 'query fullscreen' option
	Added x4 MIX mode
	Made overlayemboss more powerful
	Fixed some integerization bug with raining scenes
	Page UP/DOWN swapped
	Made OpenGL errors merely appear in log file. not cause R4 to halt

1.07 :
	Fiddled with texture caching to make it WORK (oops.)
	New web interface (based on DigitalHigh's)
	Fixed AND and OR ops

1.06 :
	Added new matrix ops to GL module
	Added != to script language
	Added true/false
	Fixed strcmp for 0 length strings
	Stopped settweak errors from killing R4
	Added loadfile script command
	Added scripting for numpad announce
	Changed CSettings::set debug message
	Added reload() function to TEXTURE module
	Added announce_image
	Added WinAmp windows, but removed again because WinAmp kept crashing
	Included 'the brander'
	Fixed about 50,000 bugs in the Brander
	Added a few branding scenes
	Improved Voiceprint module. less smudging

1.05 :
	Changed Announcement text to say 'USe Web Interface'
	Fixed a few tiny bugs in announcements
	Added new 'blur' announcement
	Changed Readme file a bit
	Removed glClear in UserScene.cpp:render
	Removed endrender glFlush
	Added fallback glTexCopy mode (and menu options)
	Added R4Reset.exe
	Uses glCopyTexImage by DEFAULT (sad i know, but as long as ATI produces shit drivers...)
	Added Organic models

1.04 :
	Added strlwr,strupr,strreplace to script
	Added extra shutdown comments to debug ATI's shitty drivers (again!)
	Added Ben Kol's WinAmp UI
	Added overlay 'ask' feature
	Scenes + Fades now sorted alphabetically (on *name*)
	Added VIDEO module for playing AVI files (badly :p)
	Fixed annoying glitch in Arrows scene
	Added Particle render mode to medusa
	Fixed key binding for Overlays
	Added half-hearted Pause on Window Hidden. doesn't seem to work :-/
	Made R4 run even with no music on WA (slightly beta :p)

1.03 :
	A few new scenes. added reload() to key binding list
	Fix to reload()

1.02 :
	Finally fixed WinAmp plugin directory bug (i think?)
	Added HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL reload([scenenum]) command
	Added API for texture UNLOAD

1.01 :
	Now free all textures on exit. (oops!)
	Pulled out the timing on 'commercial use' messages
	Fixed crash on start when click
	Added different directory management
	Added more API functions (inc. scripting)
	Had to change DLL plugin format to allow loading of R4 dir
	Sorted out some shutting down issues
	Added induhvidual directory loading...
	Added addinfo/takeinfo script commands
	Video Capture Included
	Added Extra announcement options. thx to Ben Kol
	Added winamp.html and fixed winamp_user
	Added separate frame for scene selection
	Bilinear thumbnail filtering
	variable thumbnail sizes
	Fixed SymTab free bug

1.00 :
	Added WinAmp control Script Commands
	Added extra userscene commands to convert from string to int/float
	Changed key settings screen a bit
	Added WinAmp key commands
	Added WinAmp Song displayer
	Changed point of init for wave in
	Fixed buggey 'commercial use' text
	Made 'your card sucks' error messages for PCs with no extensions

0.19 :
	Fixed path issue on WAPLUG

0.18 :
	Rearraged R4 startup code for :
	Moved Windows Message code to callback 
	Moved IL DLLs to windows/system32 in installer
	Updated installer a whole load
	Fixed WAPLUG termination issue

0.17 :
	Fixed  -> 3 problem in font
	Fixed crash on exit/fullscreen when telnet connected
	Added MD2 loading scene

0.16 :
	Made GL.glBindTexture work better
	added GL.glBlendFunc
	more scenes etc
	added time smoothing to get the frame limiter to go better
	Added more PCode optimizations
	Fixed '-' bug in parser (i think =P)
	Tweaked cubefield

0.15 :
	Added framerate cap for people who just can't find vsync
	Fixed multiple semicolon bug
	Fixed multiple telnet crash
	Made 'getcurrentscene()' return NextScene if a fader is active
	Added a few new key options
	Fixed model move webpage
	updated colour webpage
	fixed strcat bug
	Funky new scenes...
	Fixed window whiteout on load
	Added version set in preferences
	Added script() function to userscene engine
	Added some statistic

0.14 :
	Fixed crash on change to scene with no faders
	Added key scripting
	Added key change menu
	Added find,screenshot etc to script commands
	Added script error report
	fixed script 'if'
	Can now use scene/fade to use an overlay
	Fixed multiple render problem
	Added log file->telnet bridging
	Added script ';'
	Added script 'no brackets = variable' rule
	Removed square brackets if empty in log
	Reformatted some other log stuff
	Added simple error report to network + script
	removed settweak error
	added extra MIX type
	added installer option for the ATI DRIVER BUG :)
	Added sound test at the start of R4
	Spectrum equalization
	Made Watermorph loader more robust

0.13 :
	More tweakable scenes
	More overlays
	More announcements
	More script commands (getcurrentscene)
	Added speed controls to cubefield

0.12 :
	Fixed 'automatically changes scene on webpage change' issue (clear httprequest)
	Added more to help
	Made more scenes respond to network tweaking
	Added a few extra useful script commands
	Added funky new userscene type - OVERLAY :D
	Added 'Overlay' menu
	Removed 'Edit Scene' 'cos i was never going to finish it anyway
	Added Blur, and Strobe (oh yes... its back!) overlays
	Added a few simple announcements + active webpages for them
	Made GL module display texture fonts
	Finally fixed R4 cube

0.11 :
	Added Network server
	Added hacky HTTP/1.0 serving
	Added back button to settings menu
	Made lists scroll over the top (only on up/down, not on paging)
	Fixed fade crash problem 
	Removed scene change menu + renamed preferences to scene+fade (and added hints)
	Added blue hints
	Added Console (+ uiEdit.cpp w. keyChar event)
	Added Script.cpp (simple scripting)
	Added Scene screenshot (F9)
	Added Scrollbox clipping
	Added CUserScene.clear() for runtime recompiles
	fixed pow(x,y)
	added getsetting/setsetting to user scene scripting
	allowed use of gettweak/settweak
	added better checking for function execution
	loads more script commands
	added http request splitting
	Added 'result' variable to userscene language
	Did some nice PCode optimizations ;)

0.10 :
	Added Scene Name display
	Completely re-made scene renderer (Probably introduced new bugs, but is more efficient)
	fixed sys/make_txt
	fixed key
	floating poiht aspect in GL
	added 3d text module
	added faders to preference screen
	proper shader selection
	added horrific pointrender bodge
	Solved annoying tunnel flicker
	Added check for software renderer
	More additions to 'GL module (glCube + glBindTexture)
	Aspect ratio for basscube
	Fixed fogging in tunnele scene

0.09 :
	Changed Metaball equation from (1-r)/r^2 to the 'Geoff' Function
	Fiddled a few scenes that could easily be fixed
	Removed dead ones
	Added more crap to MEDUSA module + changed a few vars
	made TWIST module render through display lists
	Made CONST statements top-level
	Made SNAKECUBE more customizable
	Added funktastic particle effects to GL module
	Added glFlush to end of renderable textures

0.08 :
	Took it out of beta (but it still sucks ;)	
	Added PRO version + key locking for it
	Page up/down in lists
	FIddled with water effect
	Now puts version number in log file
	Changed radialblur to make sure it works better
	Messed with a few multitexturing things
	Added F3/F4 for scenes
	Moved F10 to F8 and got screenshot working

0.07 BETA :
	Added Renderer Info to Log File
	Changed GL Extension loader so it doesn't alter Extension Strings
	Added Options to enable/disable dumps of debug info

0.06 BETA :
	Added R4 icon
	Added settings config files to the ZIP :)

0.05 BETA :
	Added Waveform + Spectrum Information
	Merged two renderable texture lists
	Added PBuffer Contents display
	Added Settings Menu
	Changed some stuff in RenderTex.cpp - GL_FLOAT->GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE and trying to remove alpha channel
	Added Refresh Rate control
	Added Int and Float Constant Definitions
	Added 'GL' Module
	Added Extra Optimization of PUSH+ITOF ByteCode Combinatiom

0.04 BETA :
	Fixed black line on R4 logo
	Added Scene Preference Window
	Added Edit Scene window, but not finished it yet.
	Changed Aspect ratio on start screen
	Fixed no call to reset on scene change (CUBEFIELD blackout,single TWIST,etc.)
	Fixed WaveIn issue (I think)

0.03 BETA :
	MODULE tn(tn,tn); halt issue fix (cheers Chris)
	.txt file creation on module load
	WMORPH/PMORPH Proper wildcard support
	PMORPH directory changed to POINTMORPH
	Addition of STRCPY + STRCAT for convenience (UGLY)
	Framerate capped at 200fps - stops stuff going mental
	Removed ugly bit of OpenGL object
	Changed METABALL module to use the same viewing as normal
	POINTRENDER now has slightly modded texcoords to stop a line down the edge 
		in Quincunx antialiasing mode
	Tidied OpenGL Object
	Started using Settings Object
	R4 Logo now goes quickly the second time
	First Scene now fades in
	Better Error Reporting for Rendering Errors
	Added Scene Lock/UnLock
	Added Cylinder render to Water
	Added Torus to Water

0.02 BETA :
	Public Release

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