The R2e User Interface starts as a small sidebar that appears when the mouse is moved. A second or so of inactivity of the mouse and it will disappear again.

In the popup window, from the top, the items are:
Scene Settings, Change Scene, Main Menu, Toggle Fullscreen and Quit
These will be covered later...

Clicking on the 'R2' circle at the bottom causes the WinAMP control menu to be displayed. Clicking again will make it disappear.

In the WinAMP control menu, you can click the play/stop/pause icons to control WinAMP, as well as clicking and dragging on the song position bar to move to a certain place. Clicking on the leftmost part (containing the song times) will make the window slide into its compact state, where just the song times are shown:

From here it will slide out for a few seconds every time the song changes in order to show you the new song name.

Scene Settings

Clicking the top icon on the menu that comes up when the mouse is moved gives the following window:

This allows you to change the options for the currently displayed scene. If there is a scrollbar displayed, you can drag it to a new location. The red dot shows where the default setting is, although at the moment this is often *not* the setting the vis plugin comes with. This will probably eventually be changed.

Left and right clicking on the text increments or decrements the value by a small amount, and if useful for fine-tuning, as well as for items without scrollbars. If an item is in red, it means that changing this value requires the scene to be restarted. This is done automatically when you exit the window, and usually only takes a fraction of a second. However, it does mean that while you are adjusting the settings, the scene may behave very strangely

NOTE: The options menu changes options right within the plugin, and there can't be much error-checking otherwise it would slow down. Certain combinations of settings could well crash the scene or make it behave strangely. If you find any options that have the ranges set wrong, please report them and I'll see what I can do.

More will come soon, I'm just writing stuff as I get time. If you want to write an article, tutorial for something, get in touch. If its a really useful addition, I may well give out registrations.

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