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This Section of the site allows you to buy R2extreme. I use PayPal, so your payments should be secure. Before you buy any software here you must have read and be happy with the contents of this page. The last thing I want is to sell software to someone who is not totally happy with it or thinks they got a rough deal.

    The unregistered R2extreme must work fine on your PC. I regret I am unable to make R2extreme work on some computers, and if the unregistered version doesn't work or crashes it is extremely unlikely the registered version will be any better.
    Documentation is as available on the R2 site. I am happy to answer questions related to the running and setup of the plugin as best I can, but will probably not be much help if the plugin doesn't run (eg. you reinstall Windows then it stops working). If you are unhappy with this, don't buy R2e.
    When you purchase the software, what you will get is a code e-mailed to you that you can enter to make the registered versions that may be downloaded from this site work. You will NOT get a CD or disk.
    Usage of the code to unlock software for more than one person is not permitted and will be taken very seriously.


At present, the standard and professional registered versions are available to buy.

Features of the Standard Version ($15)
    The nag screen in the top left of the window is removed
    A Screensaver of R2e is supplied that cycles through scenes just as if it had been left playing music. It doesn't contain a password lock
    You are allowed to use this version at parties
    Your code will work with all future versions of R2e Standard.

Features of the Pro Version ($30)
    Your unlock code will work with both pro and registered versions
    Telnet support enabled to allow you to access the console from another PC
    A program is included to help make new animated point morphs
    NETWORK VIS SUPPORT - run one PC as a server to collect sound data from WinAMP, then use any number of PCs on a network to run many different vis' (Tripex, Geiss, Smoke, R2, etc.) at the same time, running to the same sound.
    More to come...


If you are happy with all of the following, you may buy R2Extreme. The code will be sent to you within the week as well as download instructions...

Standard Version
Professional Version

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