v1.65 (2.1mb) unregistered (free version)
        v1.65 (2.5mb) standard (needs key)
        v1.65 (3mb) professional (needs key)
    R2/Extreme add-ons
        R2eRemote for R2e Pro (45kb) (see below)
        R2 Announcer for R2e Pro (260kb) - by Tony Bruno (see below)
        R2e Pro Standalone v1.54 (350kb) (see below)
    Previous Plugins
        Original RabidHaMsTeR's Bitchin' Plugin (280kb)
        R2v2 v2.25 (740kb)

NOTE: If you download a file from this page and it has no extension, rename it to .exe - this is a problem with some web browsers and the way this site is set up.

This is a java app - it will control R2e Pro over the network by a set of customizable icons (thanks to Rob Saunders for making it work). source is included :)

R2 Announcer
R2 Announcer is a program that allows you to send announcements to be displayed on R2e from a remote computer, meaning no-one at a party sees you typing anything in.

R2e Pro Standalone
This is an EXE file for R2/Extreme - it must be put in the WinAmp/Plugins/R2e directory. Basically, if you have the pro version, you can setup PCs with this on, and you needn't run WinAmp or the R2eNetClient - it will run on its own and get sound data off the network.

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