ABOUT R2/Extreme

R2/Extreme is a plugin (by Gordon Williams) for the WinAmp music player. It produces animated 3D graphics in real-time that twist and turn with the music. Now used in nightclubs, parties, and even (apparently) a canadian stripclub, R2 has become known for its fast, fluid visuals.
R2e is the 4th generation of my Visualization plugins, and offers a vast amount of facilities for 'branding' with company logos, public announcements, realtime adjustment of scenes, and remote access.

It comes in 3 flavours. Firstly there is the free (unregistered) version - this contains all the scenes of the others, but is stamped with an 'unregistered' logo and may not be used publicly.

The second is a registered standard version, which at present costs $15 - this can be used publicly, and comes bundled with a screensaver version. R2e pro costs $60, and comes with network access, the screensaver, and tools for creating custom point morphs. See the R2 Shop for more details.

If you are interested in using a modified version of R2e (or want a pre-configured computer with it on), please feel free to contact me. I have produced customized visuals for people such as the BBC and Gainward graphics.

Some of R2/Extreme's Features:
Multiple Scenes - R2e doesn't just contain one scene like most other plugins, infact, at present, it contains 25, all hardware accelerated, reacting to the music, and rendered using OpenGL. It allows all of these scenes to be combined together, with custom textures, producing almost infinitely many different scenes.

Scene Fades - No other vis plugin has proper scene fades. In R2e, scenes fade between each other in several different ways, including rippling out, spinning out on the side of a cube, and splitting into squares and shrinking out of sight.

In-plugin user interface - R2e allows you to change many options for each scene, to tweak it to run at a good speed on your PC, to make it look better, or to respond better to the music, all in an easy-to-use, point-and-click user interface

In-plugin WinAMP Control - You can skip tracks, check how far you are through your song, pause it, fast forward, and view the title of your song, all without leaving the plugin.

In-Plugin Control Console - Allows you to change options, and execute commands such as change scene. These can then be 'bound' to a key so that when it is pressed the predefined actions occur. R2e pro also contains a telnet server, so you can access the console and change settings from another PC without anything being displayed on the vis screen.

Announcements - R2e allows announcements to be displayed over the visuals in a number of ways. These can also be issued from another PC.

Preference Options - these allow you to change how much you like each scene, and how much you like each fade. R2e will then choose scenes randomly, making sure the ones you like come up most often.

Gamma Strobe - R2e can create a strobe effect by turning the entire screen into a negative image in time to drum beats - this is an amazingly powerful visual.

Networked PC support - R2e pro can be controlled over a network. It can also be set up so many versions of R2e (and most other plugins) may run on different PCs, displaying a vis in time to the same music.

OpenGL extension support - R2e is able to use the OpenGL Cube-mapping effects to produce realistic-looking reflections on dynamic objects such as Metaballs.

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